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Why Is My Internet So Slow?

A Summary of 3/20/20 Article Published by TechRepublic*

According to mobile security organization Wandera, internet bandwidth usage trends over recent weeks indicate the following:

  • Use of remote working tools is up 156% from the previous month
  • In the week starting Monday, March 9, usage of remote working tools was up 25.9% from the previous week
  • Zoom usage has grown substantially over the last month—up by 78.7% week to week.
  • Microsoft Teams’ usage was up by 41.7% in the last week compared to one month earlier

Obviously, with so many people working remotely—and so many family members cooped up together, as well—internet access may seem slower or less responsive (also known as poor network latency). The problem is likely with either your Wi-Fi router or your internet connection. If you’ve got the whole family watching Netflix or gaming online, you may be seeing issues because the router is maxing out.

Here Are Some Things To Consider and Try at Home

• Reboot the router. It may help and won’t hurt.
• Reduce online recreational activities. Note: this may escalate an already high level of tension and/or boredom.
• Disconnect low-priority devices.
• Try a wired Ethernet connection to your router.
If possible, try working during less busy hours.

Here’s What Businesses Can Do

• Invest in network infrastructure to ensure the entire workforce can function efficiently from a remote location.
• Terminate inactive connections after a period of time.
Provide employees mobile or portable hotspots.


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