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(This blog post was originally published prior to Mel Culp’s passing in 2022. He remains one of my favorite clients. ~ Bill)

A client Bill speaks fondly of is life-long learner and ‘Tosa retiree Mel Culp. It’s probably because they’re kindred spirits. Here’s how Bill explains it…

One thing I’ve noticed working with Mel is that we’re on very similar wavelengths. That wasn’t completely obvious to me until I went downstairs to get something he needed from his desk. I’m looking at it and I’m thinking, “With a few changes, I could be at my desk.’ The layout is similar; he has much of the software I use or have used in the past. I felt like I was in my own workshop.”     ~Bill

How similar are they? You be the judge. You’re a PC Assistants client, perhaps for many years. How well do you know Bill? Can you tell from the brief bios below who is Bill and who is Mel? (By the way, they’re both secretly pleased to be thought of as “2 circuits on the same motherboard.”)


His life would be totally different without computers.

Raised in the “Little Chicago of the Midwest.” *

Accumulated over 6,000 paper documents (invoices, photos, manuals, etc.). Culled to 3,000 and scanned using PaperPort. Working towards a paperless home/office.

Built a website using Microsoft FrontPage 2003.

Words and phrases such as “computer management, work systems, analyses, operations” are integral to his professional lexicon.

Served in the Navy for 6.5 years (3 of those as a Service Warfare Officer) and in the Reserves for 19 years

Belongs to the Milwaukee Ukelele Club.

He likes these one-liners:

• “Better is the enemy of good enough.”
• “If you drop your lure enough times, you’ll pull something out.”
• “If cows could fly, they could get to the moon.” (His father said this frequently.)


Youngstown, OH (otherwise known as CrimeTown, USA) *


Started out in pre-med. Being introduced to a computer in a statistics class, however, changed the course of his life.

Born, raised and schooled in Chicago.

Plans to learn Evernote to become more “paperless.” (He definitely wants you to know this: designing the filing system so that you can find things 6-12 months later is important no matter the form, paper or electronic.)

Built a website using Microsoft FrontPage 2003.

What he considers some of his most exhilarating experiences involved designing and creating high-performing human systems.

Both his parents served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. While not in the military, he serves a municipality.

Loves Rock ‘N Roll. Aside from that, he adds, there’s a lot of mathematics involved in music and he’s a huge fan of math.

He likes these one-liners:

• “Chance favors the prepared mind.”
• “Do you want it fast or do you want it right?”
• “I learn more by listening than talking.”

Top photo — Bill Hand

Right photo — Mel Culp

Who’s Circuit 1 and Who’s Circuit 2?