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Reduce Your Stress

PC Assistants, Inc.

On-Site and Remote Computer Support for Home and Office

(262) 853-4089

Laptop & Desktop Repair

Ranges from routine maintenance to component replacements such as laptop display or desktop power supply, disk drive, and more.

Network Analysis

Design, implementation, and troubleshooting of wired and wireless networks.

Remote Assistance

A huge time-saving, popular service, it allows for rapid response. Clients can follow along with my work as if I were sitting next to them.

Rates: $70-100/hour

Computer Consulting Services


Individualized, patient, and practical instruction and explanation of hardware and software use. Curriculum can be tailored to client needs and experience level.

Email Setup

From creating a new email account to integrating multiple accounts with office productivity software. Includes troubleshooting email issues.


Installing new printers and resolving existing printer problems. The Pareto Principle is evident in printers. They cause 80% of the problems, but only comprise 20% of your productivity.

Malicious Software Removal

Detection and removal of adware, spyware, and malicious software. Installation and explanation of preventative software. Advice on avoiding or preventing computer attacks.


Help understanding “Cloud” services and configuring software to make the best use of internet-based storage

Hardware Upgrade

Assistance in upgrading internal memory, disk drives, and replacing and adding new monitors/displays.

Pre Purchase Computer Advice

Review of current computer usage and help assuring new computer will accommodate client needs. Don’t buy without a plan in place.

Stress Reduction

No matter the computer task or problem, you’ll experience competent, experienced, and reassuring technology guidance.

Old to New Computer Transition

New system setup and user file transfer from old computer to new. Review of operating system differences between the two.

Getting Started

A portion of time with every new client is dedicated to learning about their computer system(s) and what issues they need me to address. I do not charge for this time.

About Me

I built my first computer in 1975 and have worked with every version of Microsoft operating systems from DOS to Windows 11. Through formal education and real-life experiences, I have the tools necessary to efficiently investigate problems and formulate solutions. My undergraduate degree is in biology from the University of Chicago. My graduate degree is in biomedical engineering from the University of Illinois.

I served as the Manager of CT Engineering at General Electric Medical Systems, VP of Engineering at a magnetic resonance accessories company, and VP of Engineering at a medical device manufacturing firm.

A volunteer firefighter for many years, I see the similarities between assessing a fire scene and deciding on a strategy and tackling computer-related issues.          ~ William M. Hand

For New Clients

Download this document prior to our first meeting.

Troubleshooting Tips

Computer tips for beginning and intermediate users.


A part of my mission is to demystify the terminology used in the computer world. Here’s a glossary of commonly used terms that you can learn and use.


Daily: 9am to 5pm

Saturdays, Sundays, and Select Holidays: By appointment

Remote sessions outside of normal business hours can be arranged.

(262) 853-4089

Located in Brookfield, Wisconsin

Serving the Metropolitan Milwaukee area

Gift Certificates


Gift certificates are available. They can be mailed to the recipients. Remember, I do remote assistance, so gift certificates for people out of state are great to give.

Client Testimonials

We are a large radiology practice in SE Wisconsin and have, for all practical purposes, outsourced our IT needs to Bill Hand (PC Assistants, Inc.). Bill is the consummate professional, unflappable with all the problems that arise, and a pleasure to deal with.  He is prompt, understands confidentiality, and is able to mesh with the many different professionals and companies we work with. Everything should be this easy!
Vic Czarnecki

Business Practice Manager, Radiology Waukesha, S.C.

I have probably been a client of Bill’s for the last 5 years. My brother, who has raved about Bill’s service for years, recommended that when I needed a new computer and ran into problems that I give him a call.  That call began a relationship that I am so thankful for. Bill responds quickly, and has the patience of a saint.  My computer skills are minimal if something goes wrong. I know that no matter what the problem is, Bill will be able to figure it out and get me back up and running. I have never been disappointed, always appreciative of his help and whenever a friend develops computer issues, I encourage them to reach out to Bill.  I just dread the day he decides to retire….

Chris Mcauliffe

We have had our home-based business for Neo Life health & nutrition products and services for over 30 years.  When our computer guy moved out of state we needed help and was referred to Bill by a friend from church.

This has been a great relationship and we consider Bill as a friend. When we needed a new computer he came to our home and looked at our needs and then built a computer to satisfy those needs. When we needed a new monitor he suggested what we needed. When we needed help he taught us how to do things and was always available to us.  When we semi retired in 2008 and moved to Indiana, he told us not to worry as long as we could get on line he would connect to us and help us. And only once have we had to send our computer to him for repair.Bill is always patient and willing to answer our questions and help us with any problems we have. He is dependable and knows and understands computers.  He is one great problem solver. You can be assured if the problem is fixable he will fix it.
Mary and David Read

M&D Read Enterprises, Inc.

Bill has been helping us for a number of years and I don’t know how we ever survived in this computer world without him! He not only has an unbelievable knowledge of everything related to computers, he knows how to explain things in a way that even I can understand. He has advised us on purchasing a new computer, printer, router, modem and related items. He is always readily available to correct any computer problems—often taking care of the problem remotely, rather than coming to the house. We have recommended Bill to many of our friends and all of them have thanked us. We cannot say enough good things about Bill Hand. Our relationship started with a need for computer assistance and he has become a trusted friend.
Rich and Linda Terlau